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The Cicero Foundation was founded in Maastricht in 1992 - the year in which the Treaty of Maastricht was signed. The Foundation is an independent Dutch nonprofit organisation and think tank whose aim it is to provide a broad, global forum to discuss issues that are of central importance to European integration.

Through conferences, international seminars for experts and publications, the Foundation hopes to contribute to a deep and fundamental discussion on the future developments within Europe and the Atlantic World. The Foundation actively supports the integration of the Central and Eastern European Countries into the European Union. Therefore special attention is paid to issues connected to integrating these countries into the EU and NATO. Scholarships are available for scientific researchers from the CEECs.


The Cicero Foundation has an international Advisory Board whose task it is to advise on the programming and the contents of the seminars organised in the series Great Debates, in order to maintain and guarantee the high quality of the series.

Members of the Advisory Board are:

  Dr. Alyson J.K. BAILES
Visiting Professor
Department of Political Science, University of Reykjavik
Former Director
Stockholm International Peace Research Institute SIPRI
Former British Ambassador to Finland
  Prof. Dr. Joseph Ezra BIGIO
Professor of Economics
Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa
  Professor David P. CALLEO
Dean Acheson Professor of European Studies
Johns Hopkins Paul H. Nitze School
of Advanced International Studies, Washington, D.C.
  Dr. Peter G.M. DE ROOIJ
Founding Director
European Training Foundation, Turin
  Prof. Dr. Richard DOMANSKI, hab.
The Head of the Capital Theory Department
Warsaw School of Economics
Rector of the Higher School of Commerce
and International Finance, Warsaw
  Professor Hall GARDNER
Chair, International Affairs Department
The American University of Paris
Member of the Committee on Atlantic Studies
  Prof. Dr. Gábor HAMZA
Professor of Law
Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest
Chairman of the Center for European Studies
Member of the Academy of Sciences of Hungary
  Dr. Ruud KNAACK
Economics Department, Subfaculty Microeconomics
University of Amsterdam
  Prof. Dr. Frank E. McDONALD
Professor of International Business
& Associate Dean for Research
Bradford University School of Management
University of Bradford
  Prof. Dr. Anand MENON
University of Birmingham
Director of the European Research Institute ERI
  Prof. Dr. Tibor PALÁNKAI
Corvinus University, Budapest
Jean Monnet Chairholder
Director, Center of European Studies
Member of the Working Group on Integration Strategies
of the Hungarian Government
  Dr. Ferruccio PASTORE
Deputy Director
Centro Studi di Politica Internazionale CeSPI
  Prof. Dr. Reimund SEIDELMANN
Political Science Department
University of Gießen, Germany
Professor at the Institut d'Etudes Européennes
Université Libre de Bruxelles
Honorary Professor at the Renmin University of Beijing, PRC
NATO Headquarters, Brussels (ret.)
  Prof. Dr. Jan ZIELONKA
St. Anthony's College
Oxford University


Marcel H. VAN HERPEN Director
Expert European
Defence Policy
Linda BABB Expert European
Migration Policy
Valerie COHEN Secretary General Cicero Association France
Marie-Line GUILLEBAUT Seminar Organisation
Albert VAN DRIEL Treasurer
Peter J.C. VERWEY President
Expert Media Policy
Laila WAKRIM Administration
Elena ZAHARIEVA intern
Svetozara BIZEVA intern
Rachael BUTCHER Seminar Manager
Anna Maria BRASSE Expert Health Service and Welfare Policies
Albert ELSHOUT Expert Labour Market Policies
Michiel J. VAN HERPEN web editor


The Netherlands

Address: Hondertmarck D 45
NL - 6211 MB Maastricht
Tel :
e-mail: cicerofoundation@gmail.com
Cicero Foundation (France)

Address: 13, rue Washington
75008 Paris
Tel : +33 -1 - 41 29 09 30
Fax: +33 -1 - 41 29 09 31
e-mail: cicerofoundation@gmail.com